20 July 2018
New web site

Welcome to the new web site for ThumbsPlus! We've made our site more functional, more organized, and better accessible from phones and tablets. Please let us know about any problems you find by emailing webmaster@thumbsplus.com.

Note: The site search is not yet functional.

14 June 2018
ThumbsPlus 10 SP2
ThumbsPlus 10!

Version 10 SP2 build 4015 is available!

We're still busy working on Version 11, but I took some time to correct a few bugs in version 10. Build 4015 fixes an occasional problem introduced in 4014.

Please see the release notes for details, and download from there or from our downloads page.

27 November 2017
ThumbsPlus on Facebook
FacebookPlease visit us, like us, and interact with us on our Facebook page! We're increasing our presence there, and have added a shop where you can buy ThumbsPlus directly on Facebook.
12 July 2016
Digicam Plug-in Update

CameraWe have released Digicam Plug-in pack version 5.6 for users of versions 7 through 9 of ThumbsPlus. This will be the last digicam plug-in version available for ThumbsPlus versions earlier than 10.

Please visit the Digicam release notes to read about and download the plug-in pack.

fbVersion 10 installs the Digicam plug-ins! You only need to install this plug-in for versions 7 through 9.

To use the latest plug-in version on ThumbsPlus 10, just install the latest build of ThumbsPlus.

13 June 2016
ThumbsPlus 10 FAQ Update
We've been busy updating the ThumbsPlus 10 FAQ with the most common issues for new or upgrade installations of ThumbsPlus 10. We'll be adding to it regularly, and eventually replace the old FAQ pages altogether.
15 October 2015
Return of the forums
Our user-to-user forums have returned. Note that we do not not check them regularly, so if you want us to help with a problem or pay attention to a suggestion, you should submit a problem report!